Natural Pain Relief — Our large weighted heated neck wrap provides quick and effective headache relief, neck relief, arthritis pain relief and is also the perfect stress relief gifts for women. The weighted heating pad provides calming heat as it wraps around the shoulders, neck, lower back or stomach.
Comfortable Design & Fit — The soft fabric cover and flexible design of the neck warmer microwavable heating pad ensures this heating pad non electric adapts perfectly to your anatomy. Its size also makes it suitable for wide shoulders and long necks. The flax seed fill is evenly distributed in the hot pack to prevent it from shifting or sliding.
Unscented Hot & Cold Compress Therapy — When warming up the microwave heating pad you will will notice…nothing! Our microwave heating pad for neck and shoulders is unscented and does not smell when heated up like many other microwave neck wrap do. Avoid those scent-induced migraines by going with a natural heat pack.
A Natural Choice that Stays Warm Longer — Flax seeds absorb more heat than other materials and therefore stays warm for longer so you don’t have to reheat the pack so often and can just relax. A neck wrap heating pad microwavable is a brilliant companion in the sofa while watching TV at night.
Portable and Versatile — This hot therapy wrap can be used for any part of the body; around your shoulders when you drive, to support your lower back when sitting at the desk working, as a snuggle buddy heat pack for period cramps and to reduce swelling and inflammation of injuries or post surgery.


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