Learn About Ablution Socks in 2021: Best Guide.

Ablution Socks

Islam just isn’t solely the faith of peace however as well as the religion of ease. Shari’ah has provided Muslims substitute selections to the commitments all via challenges like after they’re supporting a bodily situation, in a surge, or running low on schedule for Salah. During journeys, at work, or in our favorite sports activities, we’re all usually required to put on socks as a part of the apparel.

More About Ablution Socks

Furthermore, with the altering work surroundings and multicultural interactions in a number of settings, putting the feet within the basin for ablution (wudu) could be tough, and placing these moist feet once more into sneakers or socks may be uncomfortable. This is where the concept of khuff (Ablution Socks) comes in.

Traditionally, the Prophet SAW and his sahaba (RAA) used leather-based socks to meet the wants of masah (wiping over toes). Nonetheless, with shut footwear and the absence of usefulness all via the nice and cozy seasons, we selected to replace the customary khuff with excellent Shari’ah-consistent nevertheless altering the materials, and that’s the factor that we did, alhamdulillah.

The Ablution Socks need to be 100% Shari’ah-agreeable, waterproof, and breathable calfskin or non-cowhide.

So, what’s Masah?

Masah is the act of wiping the feet with moist palms to cleanse them as an alternative to pouring water all over them.

Today we will present the correct definition, the right Islamic procedure for performing Masah over The Ablution Socks, the exhibits which make it invalid, and the Shari’ah-consistence of the socks.


Follow the accompanying advances and save yourself from the problem of taking off supplication socks when performing wudu.

ablution socks


  1. Make ablution as soon as without The Ablution Socks. After the ablution, you could put on the socks and comply with the following steps for the next time you need to make wudu. 
  2. Wet your palms with water.
  3. Starting from the upper surface of the toes to the ankles, move the hand alongside the khuff (Ablution Socks)
  4. Use the right hand for the right socks and the left hand for the left socks. 


Under the following circumstances, the Masah turns invalidated.

  1. Acts that revoke the wudu.
  2. Removing socks.
  3. Water entering into the khuff and wetting greater than half the toes.
  4. Ghusl condition.
  5. Expiry of the legit interval for wearing the khuff (Traveller: 72 hours, Resident: 24 hours). 


It may be troublesome to scrub my feet when I’m performing ablution’, specifically within the winter or when I’m in a public restroom. Am I allowed to wipe over my socks as an alternative? Can I wipe over my footwear?


It is permissible to wipe over your socks, in all circumstances, whether or not it’s inconvenient, only if the next situations are met: it’s essential to have worn the socks when you have been in a state of wuḍū’, the socks should be thick sufficient that water doesn’t seep by way of to your foot as you’re wiping, every sock should cowl your entire foot together with the ankles and you have to wipe over the surface of the socks with your hand.

Allah knows best.

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